Ending the week on a positive note…

I am at a point where I feel like there are enough hours in the day for me to finish what is on my to-do list. With occupational therapy, you say yes to everything because it does not feel like work. I guess that is a good problem to have!

These are the stories that helped my week end on a positive note.

Occupational therapy assistant coaching fitness class for people with Parkinson’s disease | WTVC (newschannel9.com) Inspiring video of an occupational therapy assistant helping individuals in the community with Parkinson’s Disease.

National award goes to spirited Moncton student who hasn’t let loss of arm stop her | CBC News Carly Smith did not let limb loss affect her perspective on life. Motivated by her occupational therapist, she has decided to join the occupational therapy profession to help others.

CMS Proposed Rule Includes Permanent Flexibility for Occupational Therapists to Open Home Health Cases – AOTA This is kind of a big deal! One limitation in home health for occupational therapists was the inability to open home health cases, leaving occupational therapy to depend on nursing or PT to open a case. Thanks to AOTA’s advocacy, occupational therapy practitioners have the ability to open home health cases beyond the COVID state of emergency. Follow the link to read more!

Adult Rehab Guide : Reimbursement and the Role of OT- Amplify OT Mark your calendars August 1! Amplify OT – The Go-To Place For Occupational Therapy Advocates site is such a great resource for practitioners on the difficult topic of reimbursement! I am very much on this list to get copy of this important resource.

‘Unstoppable Me’: 10-year-old shares epilepsy journey in new book | WDTN.com The touching story of a young girl with epilepsy who wrote a book of her experience as a motivator to other children! She mentions the role occupational therapy had in her recovery.

Congressional Caucus for Social Determinants of Health (congressionalsdohcaucus.org) Let your voice be heard! With the impact of social status on health outcomes, providing what we know and have seen in the profession will be instrumental in shaping legislation!

Will My Activism Look Different as a Qualified Occupational Therapist?- Disability Pride Month 2021 – Georgia Vine (notsoterriblepalsy.com) Georgia Vine’s new post of what her activism for disability rights will look like following her graduation from occupational therapy school.  

Cigna and Ayres Sensory Integration® Coverage – AOTA Effective July 15, 2021, Cigna will now cover Ayres Sensory Integration for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Click on link for more from AOTA.

Compact Map – otcompact.org 2 more states to go!

Stanford Neurodiversity Project speaker reflects on career as a neurodiverse adult | The Stanford Daily Many on social media know Bill Wong. Here is story of Bill’s experience of being an autistic occupational therapist.

TxTools on the App Store (apple.com): From PediaStaff–Pediatric & School Based Therapy Staffing . Four tools that are widely used in pediatric therapy: IEP Scheduler, Age Finder, Percent Right and Tally This.

Public health emergency is extended until October 2021 nationally. What does that mean for occupational therapy practice and reimbursement for your state? Start with your state association as your research on practice and use AOTA as a guide of where your state stands with the state of emergency status: COVID-19 State Updates: Summary of Telehealth, Insurance, and Licensure Developments; and Comprehensive State-By-State Chart – AOTA

OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health – Volume 41, Number 3, Jul 01, 2021 (sagepub.com) New issue! Great topics. It may be me, but I truly enjoy when my favorite journals come out with a new issue!

On my TBR pile:

Promoting Occupational Therapy Mental Health Research: Proceedings From the 2017 AOTF Mental Health Planning Grant Collective – Sharon A. Gutman, 2021 (sagepub.com) Open access article from results of AOTF Planning Grant Collective. With the needs to address the mental health needs of others during this difficult time, the need for the expertise of occupational therapy practitioners.

Everyday Life Participation Using Powered Wheelchair Standing Devices by Boys With DMD – Helena Young, Paula Bray, Kausik McKinnon, Joshua Burns, Anita Bundy, 2021 (sagepub.com) Addressing the needs of the pediatric population with a neurodegenerative condition can take quite a bit of research. This study helps to provide evidence-based interventions for this population.

Exploring Oncology as a Community of Practice Aug 12, 2021, 08:30 PM in Eastern on Zoom. Click to register.

AOTF Planning Grant Collectives workshops bring together researchers from many disciplines to plan future studies in the field. Recent topics telehealth, aging in place, cancer, and mental health. Looking forward for the 2021 topic!

OJOT – The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Western Michigan University (wmich.edu) Special articles that address research in Early Intervention!

Education Research Report: New study shows transcendental meditation reduces emotional stress and improves academics Should there be meditation time during all classes for better performance?

Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated Books of 2021, Part Two ‹ Literary Hub  222 books to read in 2022!

What does successful aging mean for you? (mcmasteroptimalaging.org) The list of articles address multiple areas for successful aging, such as cognition, social policies, level of physical activity, and more.

How to Experience New York City Like a True Local | The New Yorker I love NY!

Free Educational Resources to Teach Students about Media Literacy | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (educatorstechnology.com) There are many types of literacy, with medial literacy being one that is very important in today’s technological age. Great resource.

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