Reading as an Occupation: 2021 Summer Healthcare Professionals Reading List

While reading research articles allows us to provide optimal intervention in our rehab and medical interventions, reading material other than research articles can be of great value to our practice. Additionally, reading is also an effective way of attaining occupational balance. I recently came across this Penguin Random House post that states three benefits of reading: (1) reduces stress (2) develops social skills and empathy and (3) improves memory and cognitive skills.

Textbooks are the gold standard of obtaining information on a medical diagnosis. However, novels can also be of value to bring a different level of understanding of living with an individual with a certain condition, which can be invaluable with treatment planning and providing support to caregivers.

My most recent Reading as an Occupation post reminded me of how to approach the needs of a client with a degenerative neurological disorder as presented in Every Note Played. Sitting down with a book or novel that is medically based and asking yourself how the information contained in the book can be used in your rehab or medical practice can add another layer of understanding beyond the information learned in textbooks or in your academic training.

The books below are quality books that are easy to read but filled with a wealth of information that can positively impact the practice of healthcare professionals.

In addition to medically based books, I also included some self-help books and novels that I found to be perfectly written. With the self-help recommendations, the list is short, but mighty! In the end, the recommendations are books that allows healthcare professionals across all practice settings to be present, consistent, and in a space of mental growth. For occupational balance, the books are a mix of well-written books on a variety of topics from marriage to mysteries and everything in-between. These books can work as a stress reducer, taking you into a different world that shifts your perspective.

Recommendations for Healthcare Professionals Practice

Recommendations for Self-Improvement

Recommendations for Occupational Balance

With such a long list, you may be reading beyond the summer and into fall!

Any recommendations? What is your summer reading list?

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