Ending the week on a positive note…

When your state occupational therapy association sponsors a virtual 5k: NYSOTA Virtual 5K, you sign up! Being a runner, when I registered weeks ago, I was beyond excited to take part in this virtual 5K, which goes to support a state association that is tops in my book! Now, I am here, the day before I run and I have pre-race jitters! I feel confident that I will finish the distance. I have finished marathons and continue to run weekly despite having no in-person races available due to COVID. However, as a runner, in my mind, I have a time goal with this fun run. Anything above that goal time will be a failure to me and this is what has me nervous. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the finish time is, right? As long as you win try your best!

Here is what I found this week in occupational therapy, research, and in general news.

Occupational Therapy

OT Activity a Day Journal I came across this journal on Twitter and enjoyed the concept of writing everyday for one year–even if it is a leap year! I liked the prompts that promote reflection in one’s everyday life and ultimately occupational therapy practice.  Some of the prompts are also not therapist specific. So, they can also be used in practice to open a line of communication with a client.  I think investing in this journal is in my future.

Penn State DuBois students offer virtual fall-prevention program to area seniors It is wonderful to see how occupational therapy reimagines fall prevention with the elderly.  I think 2020 has definitely expanded our horizons of how we deliver care and this is one of many, many examples of modified service delivery!

Top 10 Recommendations From Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Adults With Stroke (AOTA membership required for access). This resource provides a total of ten evidence-based interventions that positively impact the following areas: ADLs, Leisure, Motor Skills, Cognition, and Mental Health. A definite resource to guide your practice with this population.

RA Motions (AOTA membership required for access) Feedback needed on RA motions that affect occupational therapy practice. The ratification process in AOTA is very much one that welcomes feedback on all areas of practice. This is an opportunity to review the changes that are being proposed and let your voice be hear. Click on the link to learn what motions are being put forward for the Representative Assembly to vote. Survey to provide input can be found here: RA Motions Feedback Survey.



Sleep and Sensory Processing in Infants and Toddlers: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study The results of this study found a relationship between sleep patterns and sensory processing difficulties in toddlers. These results point to the need for occupational therapy practitioners to monitor the sleep patterns of their pediatric clients. Though sleep patterns cannot be directly correlated to sensory processing difficulties, the results indicate that this is one area that can impact sensory function and should be monitored via parent report to support as needed.  

Research on Rehabilitation Needs Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic Topics of interest that are eligible for funding are all occupational therapy focused.  


Ideas for Lifting Your Mood This Weekend You’re welcome!

 5 Tips for Reducing Screen Time Interesting times when reduced screen time is needed for kids AND adults!

Literacy issues arise as pandemic continues Something to keep in mind when we provide home exercises programs or instructions.

How to Make a Sheet Pan Dinner This is a lot more than recipes!   

Thanks for reading! If you come across news that should be added to this weekly post, please send an email to: otresearchcorner@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!

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