Ending the week on a positive note…

Hopefully, where you live, fall is flexing its ‘best season ever’ muscle! Where I live, I am at the perfect intersection of fall hues and cooler temperatures. The aesthetics of fall provide my senses with an opportunity to self-calm at an otherwise hectic time. Currently, schools, universities, hospitals, and other community institutions where occupational therapy services are provided, have a new normal. This new normal is multi-layered and can be anxiety provoking at times. However, this season and everything that defines it, keeps me going. What keeps you going? Think about what makes you happy and hold onto it when life gets to a bit much.

On Thursday, I was in awe of how quickly the week had flown by and I had to process that the week was almost over. Collecting the stories for this week was definitely a pleasant experience that may have helped propel the week forward! Here is what I found in Occupational Therapy, Research, and in General.

Occupational Therapy

Advancing LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in Occupational Therapy: Out in OT COTAD—Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocated for Diversity is having another installment of its Ignite Series with a focus on advancing LGBTQIA+ inclusion in occupational therapy. Having attended prior meetings, I can attest that the discussion is not only rich, but also actionable. At the end of each meeting, there are concrete action steps that are provided to cultivate diversity in the profession. RSVP today using the link provided!

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) recently released the Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool (QUEST).  This tool helps occupational therapy practitioners use a common language and strategy when working to show the value of occupational therapy. There is a training course and resources to support knowledge building to help our practice have a common voice globally.

Tips for Living With Breast Cancer from AOTA With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, this information from AOTA is timely.  

FREE pediatric treatment resources These free resources for pediatric practice are INCREDIBLE!

Occupational Therapy Week 2020 Occupational Therapy Week is coming…in the UK! Mark your calendars November 2-8. I enjoy seeing occupational therapy being practiced around the world.  I would welcome the opportunity in the US to promote occupational therapy the way the UK does with this OT Week Promotion!

#AHP Day was all over Twitter this week to celebrate Allied Health Professionals Day (October 14) and I was there for it! One challenge that caught my attention was the 30-second video challenge describing occupational therapy. I enjoyed them all, but two videos were especially well-done: @colourful_ot and  @hspenceruk I think many therapists can remember the 2-minute elevator speech they had to prepare in OT or OTA school! This challenge took it to another level!

Occupational therapist offers solutions for police interactions with autistic people Dr. David Cacanindin, an occupational therapist, provided strategies for law enforcement to address interactions with autistic individuals during confrontational situations.

Application of Theory to Occupational Therapy Practice, during Practice Placements – a current debate. As an educator, the questions from this post in preparation for #OTalk to be held on October 20 were thought provoking. One of the most difficult transitions for students is applying theory learned in the classroom to clinical practice. I am looking forward to this online discussion!


Occupational Justice: A Conceptual Review and Occupational justice as social justice: The moral claim for inclusion The two most read (36,703 and 26,631 respectively) articles from the Journal of Occupational Science. “Based on the idea that participation in occupation can affect health, occupational justice is underpinned by a belief in the right to engage in diverse and meaningful occupations to meet people’s individual needs and develop their potential.”  This quote, so powerful.

Influence of Purposeful Activities on Upper Extremity Motor Performance: A Systematic Review Conclusion points to the positive impact of purposeful activities to enhance movement and address motor impairment.

TBR: Emotional Functioning and Sense of Hope as Contributors to Healthy Aging and Occupational Therapy Practitioners’ Knowledge, Comfort, and Competence Regarding Youth Suicide

The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy has a new issue available. This issue has special COVID sections: Doing It Right: OT Meeting Population Needs with COVID-19 and Applying the Model of Human Occupation During the Pandemic Stay-at-Home Order     


What Scandinavians Can Teach Us About Embracing Winter While I am squarely on Team Autumn, winter is a close second and hygge can help me when there is 5 feet of snow coming my way.   Perspective is everything, right? This video also provides a snippet of the craze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl74ybpyNLk


Good News Story: Nigerian Irish Teen Girls Win Prize For Dementia App An award-winning app that can help patients with dementia made by three teenage girls.

Any quiz that involves what I really know about chocolate…. I’m in!

Global Cat Day is October 16! Here is a picture of my favorite feline!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great weekend!

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