Ending the week on a positive note…

June is moving at warp speed and painstakingly slow, both at the same time! With summer around the corner (next week!), I am hopeful that everyone will take full advantage of the weather and activities that are being allowed once again. While I am strictly Team Fall and Team Winter, I like the beach and summer allows for some great opportunities enjoyed the sand and surf!

Here are the stories that made my week end on a positive note.

Occupational Therapy

AOTA has created an infographic detailing the pathway to leadership for school-based OT practitioners (membership required).  The pathway to leadership in school-based therapy can be limiting because many of the administrative positions require teacher-level certification. AOTA provides comprehensive strategies to be a leader in the school system as an occupational therapy practitioner.

OTPF 4th Edition with Dr. Julie Dorsey (June 2021): Everyday Evidence Podcast – AOTA In this podcast, Julie Dorsey, OTR/L discusses the development of the practice framework, reviews the changes, and looks at the implications of the OTPF-4 for practice.

#OTalk – 22nd June 2021 – Using podcasts for CPD ‹ otalk.co.uk ‹  All things OT podcasts. Some great questions related to podcast for this Twitter conversation.


A methodological issues in rehabilitation research: a scoping review – Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (archives-pmr.org) Most cited journal in PM&R-2 million (yes million with an M) per year. Conclusion: Methodological and reporting issues might influence the quality of the evidence produced in rehabilitation research, pointing to the need to develop specific checklists to guide authors improve reporting and clinical trials in the field.

Sources of evidence for professional decision-making in novice occupational therapy practitioners: clinicians’ perspectives – Helen Jeffery, Linda Robertson, Kim L Reay, 2021 (sagepub.com) Five sources of evidence to inform competence in professional decision-making were identified: (a) research evidence from literature; (b) local environment, resources and culture; (c) client’s expertise and perspective; (d) expertise of others; and (e) practitioners’ own knowledge and experience. Experienced therapists can support building the clinical decision-making skills of entry-level therapists by prompting, developing, and developing skills in these five areas.

Demonstrating the Advantage of Publishing Open Access Articles On average, open access articles published across Wiley were downloaded 3x as much as subscription articles. Across the Wiley program, open access articles were cited nearly twice as much compared to subscription articles. Open access articles received 4.5x as much Altmetric attention as subscription articles. This study is a white paper from Wiley, a publisher. However, the statistics show the benefit of open access articles with readership and citations.

Annals of International Occupational Therapy (healio.com) June 2021 issue.

On my TBR pile:

Convergent Validity Between Two Parent Report Sensory Processing Scales: The Child Sensory Profile 2-Caregiver Questionnaire and the Sensory Processing Measure-Home Form | Annals of International Occupational Therapy (healio.com)

Clinical Utility and Validity of the Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment for Occupational Therapy Mental Health Practice | Annals of International Occupational Therapy (healio.com)


Read for Life with Bookshare  Bookshare is an e-book library for people with blindness and low vision. Bookshare is FREE for New York Public Library patrons and $4 for non-patrons.

Birds by the Billions: A Guide to Spring’s Avian Parade – The New York Times (nytimes.com) Nothing is more calming than the chirping of birds, unless it’s knowing exactly what bird is chirping!

The Health Benefits of Coffee – The New York Times (nytimes.com) Coffee consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of all kinds of ailments, including Parkinson’s disease, melanoma, prostate cancer, even suicide. Pour yourself a cup and me while you’re at it!

Author Kiese Laymon Recommends Social Justice Books For Juneteenth : NPR. 5 Books to read on Social Justice.Teens are more likely to evaluate situations with their amygdala or emotional center. This is why they tend to get overwhelmed by their emotions, but might have a hard time expressing them. It also explains their intermittent bend toward risky behavior.

Knowing neuroscience can make you a better parent – Big Think This article is spot on and can be an excellent resource for parents to understand their child’s development.

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