Ending the week on a positive note…

Another week in the books! This has been quite a  week for people all over the country. Having lived in Texas for a few years, I was concerned for the people of Texas withstanding such intolerable weather without services. I am sending positive thoughts their way and hope that the warm weather that is coming their way next week will help with the recovery process.

The month of February is short, but impactful. I am going to continue spotlighting Black occupational therapy practitioners in honor of Black History Month. These individuals have paved the way for therapists like myself and I will be forever grateful.  

Occupational Therapy

Influential Black Occupational Therapy Practitioners:

Shirley Jackson-Jackson, PhD, OT/L, FAOTA

Panelpha (Penny) L. Kyler, ScD, OT, FAOTA

Joyce Lane, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Free OT Month Graphics to Download: Promote Occupational Therapy – AOTA OT Month is coming! Get your email  signature ready!

Conscious Decision Making From Occupational Therapy Canada. I enjoy the steps provided when making an ethical decision in the occupational therapy profession. Today we are faced with so many ethical challenges in the workplace, it is nice to have a concrete resource to help navigate what to do.

Angela Hanscom Founder Of Timbernook Interviewed On Outdoor Learning (moms.com) An occupational therapist opens an outdoor camp to focus to allow kids for experiences that foster optimal development.

FREE Teletherapy with Kids Course – The OT Toolbox I think everyone can use teletherapy resources to provide services to the pediatric population.


Enabling meaningful activities and quality of life in long-term care facilities: The stepwise development of a participatory client-centred approach in Flanders (sagepub.com) Open Access article from the British Journal of Occupational Therapy. This article was awarded the editorial team “Article of Excellence Award” for the best article published in 2019.  This research is also a timely topic that goes to the heart of occupational therapy, looking at ways enabling meaningful activities and quality of life in long-term care settings.

Frontiers | Sensory Processing and Attention Profiles Among Children With Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders | Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience Open Access article from Frontiers in Neuroscience. Using The Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch) and Short Sensory Profile (SSP) to determine attention and sensory processing in three groups of children (Typically developing children [TD], children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), and autism spectrum disorder [ASD]). Results indicated that the TEA-Ch and the SSP domains revealed that children in the ASD and SPD significantly differed from the TD group with greater sensory processing challenges in the categories of auditory filtering, under-responsive/seeks sensation, low energy/weak, and taste/smell sensitivity subscales of the SSP. Additionally, children with ASD had significantly greater control and sustained attention deficits and less sensory issues than did children with SPD.

Updating guidance for reporting systematic reviews: development of the PRISMA 2020 statement – ScienceDirect PRISMA guidelines from 2009 were updated in 2020. Access the article to learn of the new criteria when completing a systematic review.


Can dark chocolate improve vision? – Harvard Health Blog – Harvard Health Publishing Any article that supports the consumption of chocolate is alright with me!

Which Sugars Are Good for You — and Which Ones to Avoid | Everyday Health Good to know!

Children’s Books That Feature LGBTQ Characters | HuffPost Life Reading these books to kids validates that all families can look different.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Recipe – Love and Lemons While I make my own mac and cheese with fresh ingredients, this healthier option caught my eye.

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