Ending the week on a positive note…

How is it already Friday? I had a colleague tell me the other day, “the weeks are actually going by a lot faster than before!” That made perfect sense to me!

What a week! No matter your politics, the inauguration of the first female Vice President who is also a person of color is a moment in history that we can all appreciate across the aisle. I recently came across a few books where authors share pictures across the span of 40-50 years as part of their story, and it dawned on me that we are now living what will one day be a distant memory. Rather than let time and events pass us by, looking for the next opportunity, enjoy the moments. Give presence.

Occupational Therapy

Medication Management and Occupational Therapy | OT Canada I enjoy the information on occupational therapy topics that come from this site. They are always timely and presented in manageable chunks…quick reads, but highly informative.

Marketing Your Practice in 2021 | NARA (naranet.org) Short, but impactful read on how to market your rehab practice.

Mark your calendars! Webinars:

Efficiency in the Rehab Setting   Feb 5. 30 minutes!  A must if you work in a rehab setting!

Using Mindfulness to Explore the Links Between Trauma, Stories, and Illness  Feb 5 1:15-2p.

Merging Yoga and Rehabilitation Therapy for Best Results – ACRM Webinar to review. This speaker has authored multiple articles on using yoga in a rehabilitation setting.

The Compassionate Leader: 3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Challenging Times Feb 24 2p

February 2021 Practice Chat – Rehab and Disability SIS (Acute Care) Feb 17 8:30p Treating in acute care has become vastly different since COVID. What are practitioners doing to provide care to their clients during these times. I attended the Telehealth meeting last year and was impressed by this group—opportunities to not only learn, but also network.

Stroke Virtual Happy Hour – ACRM February 18 5-6p Outcome disparities with minorities post-stroke (and even the knowledge needed to spot a stroke) is devastating. With minorities being at highest risk for having a stroke, this presentation is needed.

Podcast: AOTA Advocacy Priorities and Predictions Under the New Administration – AOTA You can never have too many podcasts on cue as you prepare to walk or take a long trip. At the end of the day, new administration means new policies. Understanding the stance of the politicians will shape advocacy efforts.

When to Introduce Your Child to Knife Skills | Growing Hands-On Kids Very important question. Cutting meat is an important feeding skill. Using a knife is an important part of meal prep and chores. This post does a great job presenting this important (and scary to introduce!) skill.


Journal Club: Pain and OT Tuesday Feb. 2 at 8:30p. Though our priorities have shifted due to COVID, pain still exists and knowledge of how to deal with this vital sign from an OT standpoint, remains important.

OT Summer Institute for Future Scientists in Occupational Therapy  This occupational therapy research mentorship program is an opportunity to shape the future of occupational therapy. Deadline is fast approaching if you want to be paired with an occupational therapy scientist.

Study shows meaningful lockdown activity is more satisfying than busyness: New research shows doing mindless busywork during lockdown will leave you unsettled and unsatisfied — ScienceDaily Another title could be: Meaningful activity is more satisfying than activities that do not contribute value to your life or occupational role. Sound familiar? O.T.

A profile of Australian occupational therapy academic workforce job satisfaction – McKinstry – 2020 – Australian Occupational Therapy Journal – Wiley Online Library Great read for faculty. What does the job satisfaction of a faculty member look like?

Full article: “It’s not a simple answer.” A qualitative study to explore how healthcare providers can best support families with a child with autism spectrum disorder and overweight or obesity (tandfonline.com) A qualitative study can sometimes provide clearer answers to a research question than a quantitative study with concrete numbers. Concrete numbers do not always tell you how a participant feels. What are ways to support families during this time with clients that have a variety of needs and motivational levels?

Annals of International Occupational Therapy (healio.com) January 2021 issue!!

Relationship Between Fine Motor Skills and Occupational Performance and Satisfaction Among Young Adults With Multiple Sclerosis (healio.com) Open access!


23 books to read in 2021 (theweek.com)  

The Primary Conference 2021: Literacy by stealth | National Literacy Trust I am a huge proponent of reading engagement no matter how small is important for growth.

6 Black Influencers to Follow for Healthy-Eating Inspiration | Everyday Health I am always on the hunt for good food blogs!

Yoga could slow the harmful effects of stress and inflammation – Harvard Health Blog – Harvard Health Publishing If you cannot tell, I am all in when in comes to the benefits of yoga.

Your Week in Virtual Book Events, Jan. 18th to Jan. 24th ‹ Literary Hub (lithub.com) I am busier staying indoors with events such as these!

20 Books That Inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Radical Reads Expand your knowledge base through a book fit for a King.

10 Easy, Energizing Breakfast Bread Recipes | Everyday Health These bread recipes are amazing! Very unique options beyond the ever-popular sourdough bread.

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