Free Resources: Daily and Weekly Therapy Planning Sheets

Making time to read the latest in occupational therapy news and research begins with planning. Think about how you feel when you do not have a solid schedule of your events for the week. You most likely feel disorganized and anxious. The last thought on your mind is reading any type of research material.

An organized schedule provides you with a visual of what you must do and where you have free time to engage in self-care activities. While reading a research article may not seem like self-care, gaining knowledge in an area of clinical interest is one way of increasing your self-confidence. An increase in knowledge and self-confidence can have a positive effect on your mood, in addition to providing your client with quality care.

Feel free to download these resources to use either as a print resource or as a fillable pdf. I personally would print five daily schedules for appointments and one weekly schedule for treatment planning notes per week. To keep papers organized, this clipboard (affiliate link) can be used to maintain organization and privacy.  Make sure to leave a half-hour or hour block of time during the week to catch-up on the latest occupational therapy research and news! Totally biased here, but I would start small by reading my weekly blog post Ending the week on a positive note where I summarize news and research in occupational therapy, in addition to snippets of fun general news with a self-care slant!

Daily Therapy Schedule Planning Sheet

Weekly Therapy Schedule Planning Sheet

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