Ending the week on a positive note…

Hello October! This was a great week of stories in occupational therapy, research, and in general. As I came across some stories, there was a certain level of incredulity, especially in the area of research…which rarely happens!

Here is what I came across this week:

Occupational Therapy

Online Placements: Student Experience on Placement During Summer 2020 I came across this article of occupational therapy students in Great Britain who shared their experience with teletherapy. There is a misconception that teletherapy must be easier than treating face to face. But, there are some difficulties. I think what I liked most about this piece were the resources that were shared. With treatment planning, more is always best to keep kids interested and there are some great resources in this post, including relaxation and guided imagery videos.

My Post-stroke Story After a stroke in 2015 and the pandemic limiting her access in the community, Laurie Weinstein was not able to engage in her favorite occupation, photography. With the help of two students from Sacred Heart University Occupational Therapy Program, she found a new way to display her photography and artwork. More on the story here: SHU Occupational Therapy Students Make Photographer’s Dream A Reality

Legal, Ethical, and Procedural Considerations for Delivering Virtual OT Services in the Schools AOTA provided a decision guide, with excellent resources for providing virtual OT services in the school.

5 Ways to Fight Medicare’s Proposed Cut to Therapy Services Help stop a 9% cut to therapy reimbursement. Five easy ways to let your voice be heard to prevent cuts to reimbursement. Deadline: October 5!

http://promotingot.org/ World Occupational Therapy Day is October 27. Plan a day of service in honor of occupational therapy!

October is OT Month!…in Canada. If there is an opportunity to celebrate occupational therapy, count me in!


PROTOCOL: Friendly visiting by a volunteer for reducing loneliness and social isolation in older adults A friendly visit during these times can make a world of difference to older adults. This systematic review sought to answer the question: what is the effect of friendly visiting by a volunteer on feelings of loneliness and social isolation (primary outcomes) and wellbeing (i.e. life satisfaction, depressive symptom experiencing and mental health; secondary outcomes) in older adults? The authors made a good point that on the surface, this is intuitive. However, having objective research outcomes will help guide policy…and reinforce the need to check on your neighbors!

Protocol for systematic review on book reading and emotional well-being of the elderly has been approved by the Campbell Review and is forthcoming. Literacy is my main research area and the impact of literacy with the elderly is many times overlooked. It is exciting to know that a systematic review will be available in the near future.

Occupational Therapy Research Podcast While reading research articles satisfies one’s curiosity, the opportunity to listen to researchers speak about their study, outcomes, and the impact on the research on the profession is equally gratifying. It’s like an author reading their own book. Click on the link and learn more on the topics available.


Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Millions of Voices, One People Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by reviewing videos of this vibrant culture.

In Isolating Times, Can Robo-Pets Provide Comfort? Touching story on the importance of contact in emotional well-being of seniors.

Sleep 101: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep Sleep is an occupation. Lack of sleep is an area that plagues a lot of people, especially during this time. Poor sleep patterns can affect cognitive processing and physical function in the short term and can lead to cognitive deterioration in the long-term. Learn ways of “engaging” in this important occupation.

Thanks for reading! If you come across occupational therapy news you would like to share, please feel free to send me an email at otresearchcorner@gmail.com

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