Ending the week on a positive note…

Thank goodness it is Friday! I hope everyone has good plans to celebrate the fact that it is officially fall! What is there not to like about fall? The weather is pleasant throughout the day. There are a ton of activities to do with family and friends (all which can be modified to maintain social distance). There is apple picking, pumpkin picking…and then there is the baking of your finds…then the eating of your baked creations. It truly is the most perfect time of the year!

Here is what I found this week that piqued my interest in occupational therapy, research, and in general.

Occupational Therapy

Safe and Effective Interventions to Consider: Hemiplegic Shoulder (need AOTA membership to access). We know that using pulleys for clients with hemiplegia is not an evidence-based intervention with the potential to create more harm than good. AOTA as part of its Choose Wisely campaign provides some evidence-based interventions to use instead of pulleys.

Preparing for OT Global Day of Service on October 27 Preparation meeting on September 26 at 10a EST via Zoom. Meeting information can be found here: Virtual OT Global Day of Service Launch Party

Sesame Street video helps kids with autism learn to wear a mask.  Shown on The Today Show, Kerry Magro shares the role occupational therapy played in helping him with sensory issues.

New CPT Code for Practice Expenses Due to COVID-19 This is important. There is an additional cost and time that business need to provide to ensure client safety with COVID. It is good to know that the cost can be billed for the viability of the clinical setting.

Occupational Therapist builds prosthetic arm for child to play the violin. Ashley Rankin, MS, OTR/L from Oklahoma builds a prosthetic arm for 9-year old Eveline. So touching!


AOTF Implementation Research Grant Letter of Intent Deadline: September 30. Navigating the grant writing process is difficult. AOTF is probably the most direct route to funding occupational therapy research. It is literally is endowed to provide funds for occupational therapy research. The only time you will definitely not get a grant is if you do not apply!

Occupational Therapy Fall Prevention Interventions for Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review With this being Fall Prevention Week, it is important to realize the role of occupational therapy with fall prevention. This article completes a systematic review on fall prevention interventions and efficacy for community dwelling older adults. [AOTA membership required for access to AJOT].

Health Management: Occupational Therapy’s Key Role in Educating Clients About Reliable Online Health Information With the addition of health management to the OTPF-4, it is important to understand the role occupational therapy plays in health literacy. The research from this article is clear. Supporting our clients in this area positively impacts their ability to research their medical condition and more. [Open Access]


How to talk to angry people It is never easy to diffuse a situation when anger is involved. But, these steps are a great start.

Assessing Students Online As an educator, completing assessments is never an easy task. This task has been made more difficult with online learning. This post contains great tips on how to assess students using online platforms.

Perfecting Roast Chicken, the French Way You can never go wrong with roasting a chicken. I think it makes it feel like a Sunday dinner whatever day of the week it is prepared.

Lego Makes a Hundred Billion Bricks a Year. CEO Niels Christiansen on Why They’re Now More Important Than Ever Always listen closely to the person that says that playing is important.

Books You can Read in a Day Nothing makes you feel accomplished like saying, “I just finished reading…” No one asks the page count after you make that statement. So, you’ll be alright.

Free Fall Bucket List Now this is a to-do list that I can get behind: apple picking, host a bonfire, visit a corn maze, go apple bobbing…the list goes on and on. Perfect weekend plans all laid out for you.

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