Ending the week on a positive note…

Out of the mouth of babes: “In 2020, the months of April, May, June, July, and August were like the L, M, N, O, P of the alphabet!” Yes, indeed. While the rest of the summer months have flown by, September has been quite sluggish! But, with fall right around the corner, I am sure that October will start, we will blink, and in no time, we will be on the other side of telling each other Happy New Year!

Here are some of the stories that I came across this week in occupational therapy, research, and in general. Each show that even the smallest effort can net great gains.

Occupational Therapy

ReadingPals set the stage for future learners  Barry Altman, who worked as an occupational therapist for 50-years, now volunteers to spark an interest in reading in children in K-3.

Veterans are Finding a New Passion through Soil for the Soul  Ericka Napoli, an occupational therapist at the Milwaukee VA provides veterans the opportunity to use gardening to connect with each other to make progress with functional and emotional goals.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week It may be just one week, but acknowledging the importance of all rehab professionals, including occupational therapy practitioners shows the impact rehab has on the well-being of others. One more day left!


Critically Appraised Topic: Self-management interventions for sleep among adults with chronic conditions. (need AOTA membership for access to article)

The impact of symptoms of chronic condition on sleep patterns is often overlooked; and occupational therapy intervention is often underutilized to address sleep deprivation. Losing sleep because of pain or other symptoms of chronic conditions is not uncommon. This research shows moderate strength of evidence that mind–body self-care education intervention is effective in enhancing sleep outcomes. These results point to the importance of occupational therapy practitioners addressing sleep, providing intervention in such areas as: nutrition, relaxation techniques, and physical activity to promote sleep.

Robotic‐assisted therapy with bilateral practice improves task and motor performance in the upper extremities of chronic stroke patients: A randomised controlled trial Results showed that the Robotic-assisted Therapy Bilateral Practice group showed a significant difference with upper limb motor and task performance compared to the therapists-facilitated task training group. However, both groups’ intervention had to be preceded by 10 minutes of a sensorimotor stimulation session to result in a positive outcome. The outcome measures were in-depth and provided quality indicators that can be applied in the clinic to determine progress with clients with a diagnosis of stroke.

Effectiveness Trial of Reiki for Physical and Psychological Health The results from this trial suggest that a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health. As a Reiki practitioner, this is an outcome I have seen with clients. But having some level of research is important to support the efficacy of this intervention.

TBR pile

Sensory-Based Interventions in the School Setting: Perspectives of Paraeducators

Unveiling the complexities of mild stroke: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the mild stroke experience


Easy, breezy one-bowl loaf cake…carrot loaf cake with tangy lemon glaze Yes, please!

Pumpkin Bread Because options are always good…carrot or pumpkin.

The 25 Top Places to Go Apple Picking Across America Going apple picking may look different this year. But, safely engaging in occupations is one way of maintaining occupational balance.

If you have news to share, please place in comments below!

Have a great weekend.

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