Ending the week on a positive note…

Hello September?! How?! I think at this point, most college students are back in school and parents are getting ready to work with the new school plan of their child or children. The resiliency of everyone during this time is so inspiring. This is a busy time of the year for occupational therapy, committees, education, scholarships, research, the list goes on and on.

Here are snippets of what is going on in (and around) our wonderful profession!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapist writes children books about kids with disabilities. Dr. Nicole Julia is writing a 10-book series about children with disabilities to promote inclusivity.

Occupational Therapist Discusses Treating COVID-19 Patients Great podcast about the experience of occupational therapist Alisha Johnson’s experience delivering care to COVID-19 clients in the home care setting.

Provide input on AOTA’s Choose Wisely Campaign Are there certain interventions that you think that occupational therapy practitioners should not do? Here is your opportunity to let AOTA know what needs to be promoted to inform practice.

Tools to Grow Monthly Themed Therapy Session Plans! Tools to Grow provides some of the most aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic worksheets. Add monthly themed programs to those worksheets and treatment is made manageable (and fun?!).

AOTA Nominations for the 2021 General Election Deadline October 14. Now, more than ever, is the time to become involved in AOTA to have an impact on the profession from practice measures to representation.

COTAD Ignite Series Fieldwork Challenges Related to Racism and Discrimination COTAD is having another session of their Ignite Series. For this session, the focus is on Fieldwork and Discrimination. These Ignite Series provides more than an opportunity to discuss difficult topics in the field. At the end, actionable items are determined, impacting practice. Add this to your calendar and sign up to attend!

Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process—Fourth Edition It is official! The OTPF-4 has made its arrival! This ever-evolving document is now available in AJOT. This impacts OT practice on many levels. There have been some key changes that have positively impacted our practice.

AOTF Scholarship Program Over $13,000+ available with ONE application….and that plus includes 20+ scholarships that have a TBD dollar value. Deadline is October 14. There are large awards, small awards, state awards, and quite a bit more. Even if the outcome is a smaller award, that can pay for books or a meal plan. Every small amount adds up. Apply!


Developing an Occupation-Centred Framework for Trauma Intervention  A new framework has been developed to determine a client’s level of readiness to engage with evidence-based OT approaches that address the needs of clients that have faced trauma. This research studies the perceptions of occupational therapists that have used this framework and the impact of the framework on the delivery of services to clients that have experienced trauma. While there is a role for occupational therapists with trauma informed care, that role has never been clearly defined. This study does a great job of laying the groundwork for a framework for practice.

September 2020 of British Journal of Occupational Therapy:   The reliability of the graded Wolf Motor Function Test for Stroke—always good to have current reliability data on a popular standardized adult assessment.

Call for Authors: “Health Policy Perspectives” Column Here is an opportunity to provide your perspective on occupational therapy practice in the changing health care system. Deadline for Submission: January 31, 2021. 


How to Keep a Journal If ever there was a time to keep a journal, this would be the time!

In defense of French fries This story has been coming up in my feed for weeks! It is very clear that I am meant to share this with the world! Everything in moderation, right?!

One Man’s Plea to His City Council: Rename Boneless Wings Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right! I understand his plight. Is it really chicken wings if there are no bones?!

16 Fiction Books With Disability Representation What a great collection of books if you are looking for references that provide representation.

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