Ending the week on a positive note…

We are slowly getting to a new normal…It is not perfect, and the pace is glacial. But we are getting there, for now. School is a couple of weeks away. Some states have started school and working to determine what is safest for teachers, students, and staff, in real time. While other schools are in the planning stages, unsure of what is ahead, but trying their best to meet the needs of their learning community.

These are unique times that have tested how we think and do things. One thing that has been emphasized by this pandemic is the importance of engagement in occupational roles, the cornerstone of occupational therapy practice. It is our job to modify the person, environment, or occupation to allow for occupational engagement. Though the pace of returning to normalcy is glacial, there is a seismic shift in the mindset of people with engagement with others and their occupations.

The news this week has had healthy doses of positive news in occupational therapy, research, and in general.

Occupational Therapy

Once a client, now the occupational therapist. So touching and inspiring! The story of a young lady that received occupational and physical therapy. She became inspired by her occupational therapist to join the field.

AOTF Statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion and steps to support occupational therapy research for the underserved AOTF provides statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion and action steps to allow for more representation and funding of research initiatives that serve the Black and Brown community. These action steps will focus on funding for programs that examine racial, social, and health inequities and promote social justice. In addition to focusing on research, AOTF is also focusing on the researcher, providing more opportunities for supporting minority researchers.

Code of Ethics needs your input… The AOTA Code of Ethics is at the foundation of how we deliver care to our clients and it is due to for updates. Follow the link to review the changes to ensure that ethical considerations convey what is necessary from all practitioners. Deadline for input: August 27.

Miss Jamie Scholarship for School Based Vision Course Scholarship offer to school-based OT or OTA to attend vision course. Vision is an important component of student success, especially in our current environment with teletherapy and social distancing. Vision is more than visual acuity. Vision includes the processing of input to guide perception. This is an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to learn about vision from an occupational therapy framework.  


An exploration of sensory processing patterns and their association with demographic factors in healthy adults.  The results of this study is interesting. When it comes to sensory processing disorder, the focus is usually on the pediatric population. This article focuses on sensory processing patterns of adults and demographic factors. The results show that there were two demographic factors that were statistically significant in the adult population when looking at sensory processing patterns. Those two factors were age and education. Some other interesting findings: (1) The mean Sensory Seeking scores for participants with tertiary education were higher for than those with lower education, (2) The young age group (18 to 34) had lower Low Registration scores than the 65 and over age group, and (3) The young age group also had significantly higher Sensory Sensitivity as compared to people 65 and over. Give this article a read for a more in-depth look at demographic factors and sensory processing patterns of adults. The research analysis was well done!

Clinical Application: This study provides an opportunity for clinicians to understand the role of demographic factors of adults on their sensory processing patterns. Understanding this role allows for task and environmental modifications for increased engagement.

AJOT September/October Issue now available! Currently reading: The Supporting Older Americans Act of 2020: How Policy Connects With Occupational Therapy Principles and Practice

Want to read: Participation Is Associated With Well-Being Among Community-Based Veterans: An Investigation of Coping Ability, Meaningful Activity, and Social Support as Mediating Mechanisms and Occupational Therapy Interventions for Children Ages Birth–5 Years

Supplement of AOTA Conference Abstracts: AOTA Conference Abstracts Yes please! This is great for small bites of research on topics such as : Exploration of Quantifying Upper-Extremity Movement in a Virtual-Reality-Based Intervention  or The Differences in Participation Patterns Between Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Children With Typical Development and much, much more! You are welcome!


Political history Mixing my love of both books and history. Kamala Harris, the first female person of color chosen to run for the Nation’s 2nd highest political office discusses her book. I would be miffed if I did not honor this historical moment. This interview is from January 2019 about her thoughts on her book: The truths we hold: An American journey.

It is never too late to cross out items on your bucket list. A 103-year old Michigan woman got her first tattoo to cross it off her bucket list. Brave lady!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have a great weekend.


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