Ending the week on a positive note…

In today’s world where things move at a frenetic pace, isn’t nice when you take a moment to take it all in?  From an occupational therapy perspective, did you ever stop to take in the moment your client achieved a goal, when you got your exam results and you got the A you worked so hard for, or when a student shared the impact your teaching had on their occupational therapy educational experience? Don’t forget to stop and take in your accomplishments throughout the day, every day.

Here are some of the positive news stories I came across over the past week:

Occupational Therapy

Understanding Burnout in Healthcare Presented by Erika del Poso, MOT, OTR/L, this podcast not only introduces burnout, it also provides a wealth of information that can address burnout. Coming from an occupational therapist, the information is relevant to the issues that lead to burnout in the profession, especially in these times where the delivery of services has changed.

Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity Book+ Club I was fortunate enough to attend the first Book+ meeting in July and it did not disappoint. We had small group and large group discussions on the significance of the book The Water Dancer by Ta-nehesi Coates. We expanded on the lessons learned and how to apply these concepts in our own lives and in occupational therapy. This month, the discussion will center around the movie Teach Us All looking at the state of education in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles. The film is only 60 minutes, but, I am sure the discussion will be rich–helping us learn how we can have a positive impact on diversity within the field and our learning communities.

AOTA Award Know someone that has made a significant contribution to the occupational therapy field? Nominate them for an award! Follow the link to learn more.


Have you ever had an a-ha moment after you read a research article? After you read the article, a lot of what you do within your specific practice area made sense and you knew the path to follow to provide the best intervention to allow your client to reach their goals. Well, I am sharing two articles I read again this week for a work project that were my a-ha moment articles. These are two must reads!

 The Role of Occupational Therapy in Functional Literacy This article lays the foundation for the role of occupational therapy with literacy across the lifespan. A large component of this article points to the importance of occupational justice, a concept that can be applied across all practice areas not just with literacy. Dr. Grajo and Dr. Gutman do a great job explaining the framework of occupational justice and the important role that occupational therapy plays in literacy.

The occupations of literacy: Occupational therapy’s role Dr. Frolek’s article focuses on literacy in the pediatric population. She breaks down the developmental stages of reading into digestible chunks that provide occupational therapy professionals with a strong foundation of how literacy develops—an important component to delivering appropriate service. She also continues giving a variety of roles that occupational therapy plays with literacy in the pediatric population.


12 Must Read Books for the Summer from Time Magazine I want to read all of them. I have my eye of Love after Love, Caste: The origins of our discontent, and Sisters. Which books are calling your name?

What are the Best Ice Cream Shops in America? Nothing says summer like ice cream. After a long day or as part of a weekend of unwinding, stop at your local ice cream store today! There is quiet a list going in the comments section with which ice cream shop is the best. People are serious about their ice cream!

Shortcuts to improve your concentration A great podcast to listen to while on your daily walk. This link has list of podcasts that are 48 podcasts deep and includes: To stay sharp, challenge your brain. You can learn a new skill anywhere, anytime, and How can we make ourselves happier?

Thank you for reading!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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