Ending the week on a positive note…

Evening edition! I hope everyone had a great week and you all are finding ways to enjoy the summer. For me, I justify eating ice cream on a regular basis because summer only lasts three months! I also do quite a bit of reading, which has helped during this time of social distancing. I just finished The Water Dancer  and will join a book discussion with Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity–COTAD and I am pretty excited about the virtual meetup!

This week has been very busy for me and my consumption of good news has been pretty bare! I did find a few stories in the area of occupational therapy, research and in other areas (potpourri) that I thought I could share with everyone.

Occupational Therapy

Sex and the Role of OT on Spotify With sex being an ADL, the need for occupational therapy practitioners to understand the role of OT with this ADL is pivotal. Give this podcast a listen (only 23 minutes!) to learn how you can support clients with this ADL.

Occupational Therapist provides tips on starting a business to Forbes magazine Robin Baker started https://gotherapyinc.com/ providing occupational therapy services to individuals in Ghana. Her work ethic and focus is a model we can all follow. Her tips are also spot on if you want to start your own OT business or focus on being an agent of social change in the OT community.

Interested in volunteering with AOTA? Click on the link to learn more about Special Interest Section positions that are available. But, hurry! The deadline to apply is 7/20.


Conceptualizing Occupational Therapists’ Change Agent Role To Support Entry-Level Pedagogical Activities: Results From A Scoping Study Ways to teach students to become advocates for the profession and client. There are many things to like about this article. The best component is the clear strategies that are provided to teach students to become agents of change.  

Special OJOT issue that highlights OT student capstones. How exciting is this special issue? To have an entire issue of capstone research is such a nod to OT students and their hard work. Reading this now: Fieldwork Educators’ Expectations of Level II Occupational Therapy Students’ Professional and Technical Skills.  

Meditation and Yoga Practices as Potential Adjunctive Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19: A Brief Overview of Key Subjects I think yoga is such a powerful intervention. It is interesting to note the adjunctive benefits with COVID-19.


Zappos is now selling single shoes and mixed size pairs to meet the needs of amputees. How great is this? Having options and representation in the retail market validates the importance of meeting the needs of all consumers!

Become a Zoom expert! I need to read this…my cat attends all my Zoom meetings with a lot of vigor.

Summer 2020 Reading Lists and Resources for All The Readers These are great PBS video resources for every reader in the home.

Thanks for reading! I am adding the finishing touches to my next post on tips to get admitted into OT/OTA School. Subscribe today to not miss that very informative post!


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